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Oil Change

You might have grown up under the rule that you couldn’t get your license until you knew how to change a tire and change your own oil. It was considered a mark of economic responsibility to do your own oil change and not take the car to a business to have it done. Times have changed because cars have changed. The cooling system that uses the oil has become more complex. Often, you cannot even access the drain bolts on an oil pan without a special lift or equipment. Doing an oil change at home now requires that you have a full auto shop set up. Better to come to EuroCare Import Car Repair for a fast oil change that will take less time out of your day and keep your car in good working order.

At any of our 4 convenient locations, you can schedule an oil change and have other services done as well. Ask a EuroCare Import Car Repair technician about bundling a service special with your oil change to make sure that your filters are in good condition too. An important consideration is that your oil is responsible for cooling your engine in any conditions that increase the engine temperature. These conditions could include heavy driving, hot weather, or even cold weather as your engine will be working harder to get through the inclement weather.

Call EuroCare Import Car Repair and make an appointment for your oil change today. Our friendly support staff will help keep you on track with regular visits so you never put your engine at risk of overheating.

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