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When the Check Engine Light Comes On

Seeing the orange, yellow or amber “Check Engine" light suddenly come on can be alarming. But it can mean a number of things, and not all of them are serious. However, it’s something that should never be ignored. At EuroCare Import Car Care in Texas, no matter what make or model vehicle you have, we know how to diagnose the problem and our experienced ASE-Certified Technicians know how to repair it.

The official name for the “Check Engine” light is the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL). The MIL monitors the vehicle's emissions system. The emissions system is an indicator of how well the vehicle’s engine is running.

Most vehicles today have an onboard computer diagnostic system (OBDII). The OBDII monitors your vehicle's major systems, including the engine and transmission. The idea behind this system is to keep the vehicle running optimally, with the lowest possible polluting emissions.

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