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Synthetic Oil Change

One of the hardest things to remember is when to have a synthetic oil change. With synthetic oils, the 3 month or 3,000 mile rule doesn’t apply. Depending on the type of fluid used during your synthetic oil change, and the type of driving you do, you could go 25,000 miles between each synthetic oil change. One of the best ways to remember is to look at the sticker, but it is also a good idea to make your synthetic oil change a part of another type of service for your car. Even if you are only going 10,000 miles between each change, this can be an ideal time to schedule other car maintenance services as well.

One of the best habits to get into is to time your synthetic oil change to be when your brakes and suspension system should be inspected. A EuroCare Import Care Repair technician will then get the opportunity to take a full look under your vehicle to examine it for any signs of developing problems. While having a synthetic oil change, you should also talk to our technician about any recommendations they have for different fluid and filter types. We keep a large stock of products at both of our locations so if they recommend a different type based on the mileage of your car, we are sure to have it on hand.

Call either of our EuroCare Import Car Repair locations today and make an appointment for your next synthetic oil change. Make sure to let us know if you want to combine the appointment with another service check and we can get you ready and back on the road fast.

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