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90,000 Service

The 90,000 service check is often considered the “cross-over” check in a car’s service life. This is the point at which major components of the engine and drive train may show wear that requires replacement. If the parts are not replaced, they can lead to total engine failure diminishing the life of the vehicle. At EuroCare Imports, we know that to do a 90,000 service check right, many factors are considered including the make and model, the use of the car and the owner's driving style. Our technicians will perform a thorough check and look for stress points throughout the vehicle.

During this service interval, technicians may see the need to replace major fluids such as automatic transmission fluid, engine coolant, and differential fluid. Other recommended services may involve the replacement of components such as spark plugs, timing belt, shock absorbers, etc. A EuroCare Imports trained technician will provide a comprehensive checklist of inspections, arming you with the knowledge you need to extend the life of your vehicle.

Call and make an appointment today at EuroCare Imports for a 90,000 service check. We will provide the knowledge and service you can depend on.