9/22/2016 Adnan Missouri City Never seen unethical manger like this place . The first incidence with my daughters mini for oil and filter change , when parked her car at home , I noticed oil leak beneath the front end . Went back myself immediately and the oil filter was not tightened enough per them . They apologized and no leak after that . 2 months later , a low oil pressure engine light showed up . I took it to my mechanic in the heights ( Orion ) and he discovered that it only has 2 quarts of oil and a wire sensor was cut !!!!!! , The sec incidence with an x 5 diesel that my wif took for oil change , I discovered a month later tha they did not reset the oil change mileage reminder and tha oil was low by a quarter , as the car computer gives a measure. I took it back and you hear apologies , when they added a quart , I saw them putting the oil with a plastic container that you do not know what's in it , after I took it home , an engine light showed up . Took it back immediately , they said that the sensor for the gas tank is needs replacement!!!!!!! The car was fine before the oil change . The manager suggested me adding a DEF FLUID TO A tank for emissions ? I went into you tube , and they mentioned that after each oil change on diesels x 5 , that fluid need to be replaced or topped off . They did nothing and I had to buy it . Very deceiving and uncompetant people . Tried to get the name of the owner or how to be in touch with him , and no luck .
5/21/2016 Houston HORRIBLE , DISHONEST< CROOKS, this place is the worst
7/31/2015 Heather Rhodes Houston Really happy client of Eurocare, which I have visited twice. Scotty,Manager is very personable and he and staff offer top-notch customer service. I dropped my car off in the morning and had to get new tires, front brakes, and windshield installed. The prices were compared and about the same or less and it was a one-stop shop and done in the same day. I do not have the time to run around to three different places and wait for these services and was able to rent a car next door for the day at a discounted rate. I appreciate the great customer service and saving me time. Most importantly, I know my Land Rover was repaired right and I won't need to go back until my next service. Thanks!
6/4/2015 R P Missouri City Horrible Experience 6/1/2015....How is it that they pride themselves on using OEM parts but yet put AUTOZONE parts on your car and expect you not to challenge them. Also, when asked for owner/corporate phone number or customer complaint number, I was told he (Prindle) does not know the number and that I need to look it up online. I mean really, i am upset, in your store and you are putting subpar parts on my car and I have to look up your number online...i think NOT! All HELL was about to break loose. Did I mention the fact of him trying to discreatly hide or signal the subpar parts delivery driver to the back entrance so I would not see. Total Disgrace this place is with him running it.
3/19/2015 Theresa M Houston Very professional, knowledgeable staff, great location. Anthony and Cody saved me multiple trips to the mechanic by thoroughly diagnosing my car issues. If you are looking for a high quality auto shop who does things promptly and for a reasonable price, you should go here!
9/19/2014 jason fong Houston Dear Manager, I am Jason, we have all kinds of best quality and best-seller air suspension products for you, we are a leading professional air suspension supplier in Hongkong , China all kinds of rebuilt and all new airmatic struts and all new air springs and all new bellows,dust boot ,air holding valve for all kinds of luxury car Specializing in air suspension products for MERCEDES BENZ FORD BMW LINCOLN RIDE-RITE LAND ROVER TOYOTA JAGUAR AUDI VW PORSCHE CAYENNE HUMMER BENTLEY and so on. During the 6 years ,we have supplied thousands of pieces of those all arround the world .However ,we have got the best reputation among the customers all over the world.what is more ,we can offer you the cheapest price and the best original quality products for you. We will promise let you save the money for your customers, and you can also make big money!! In total,Hope we can make a long run fantastic relationship!! Sincerely, Jason
9/15/2014 Kenrick G Butler Houston Amazing ........again they have put me me back on the road the same day. Alex is an awesome tech. The parts took longer to be delivered than it took to repair my vehicle. thanks Guys...i recommend this shop to everyone. Customer Service is Awesome
8/16/2014 Houston Horrible. BUNCH OF CROOKS! Customer Reps had no idea what they were talking about. They treat the customer like they are stupid. They had my car for 3 days, didn't fix and still charged me. The best part was they went through all of my personal items and helped themselves to all of the change in my ash tray.
7/3/2014 Joe Orr Houston I have not used your facility yet.
1/6/2013 anonymous Friendly and informative staff.Second visit and will continue to use Eurocare for future repairs.
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